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[#184673] Written by: YourMomma59 [07/06/12, 23:28]
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"saving hope" is a new, hour-long original drama series that stars erica durance (smallville), michael
shanks (stargate atlantis), daniel gillies (the vampire diaries), huse madhavji (combat hospital, star!,
daily), julia taylor ross (rookie blue) and kristopher turner (rookie blue, the listener). the series is
from acclaimed gemini award-winning producers ilana frank and david wellington (the eleventh hour,
would be kings, rookie blue).

in "saving hope," when charismatic chief of surgery charlie harris (shanks) at hope-zion hospital
ends up in a coma, he leaves the hospital in chaos - and his fiancee and fellow surgeon, alex reid
(durance), in a state of shock. along with newly arrived star surgeon, joel goran (gillies), reid races to
save harris' life. as the action unfolds, the comatose harris explores the hospital halls in "spirit" form,
not sure if he's a ghost or a figment of his own imagination. reid, along with her fellow doctors, press on
to save his life and those of their other patients as they deal with the complicated and courageous
decisions that are made in their daily struggle to keep hope alive.


the first episode lacked any type of coherence. all of the best things about michael shanks acting
weren't there, so i blame the writers for a less than stellar script. maybe michael can make something
of the show once they have a few in the can, but out of all the things that happened in the episode, i
didn't feel like the writers were committing to any conclusions about life, comas, or death which i found
very disappointing. i loved "a gifted man" but this show is so far from that i don't know if i'll be able
to last through many more lackluster episodes like the one tonight.

the chemistry between shanks and durance is horrible. i didn't feel anything between them at all. the
visuals and lighting of the show were very gray and bland and contributed to the overall blahness.
maybe it's the director's fault...who knows.

let's hope michael shanks is allowed more freedom. i've seen him in guest star roles that were 100
times better and the "double jeopardy" episode of sg-1 he directed was a heck of a lot better than this.
these are just my opinions only. ymmv.


fyi - i watched the second episode. it was much easier to tolerate than the first. i think they just tried
to do too much in the first episode and some of it came off not as well executed as it could have been.
the second episode is starting to gel the series, so if you like michael shanks, i think it's worth taking
the ride.
[#184680] Written by: R0nin [08/06/12, 00:11]
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i liked it quite a bit. i felt the writing and acting were high-quality. it's the pilot-- they're
laying the foundation to build upon. don't expect the entire building to be erected in the first

this definitely has promise and it'll be interesting to see where they take it.

[#184681] Written by: paultoompas [08/06/12, 00:36]
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odd that the synopsis attributes him to stargate atlantis when he was only in 3 episodes of it.
[#184683] Written by: BoonesFerry [08/06/12, 01:28]
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@yourmomma59, thank you for providing the show description/info. much appreciated

show information page:
updated: june 07, 2012
[#184684] Written by: YezzMann [08/06/12, 02:04]
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for some reason i read "raising hope", and got really excited...
[#184708] Written by: Jimz0r [08/06/12, 08:24]
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saving hope drinking game.

take a shot/drink every time you see a lens flare from a light source.

result: smashed off your face 5 minutes into the first episode.
[#184710] Written by: Dayks [08/06/12, 09:48]
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i want to watch it due to michael shanks but it has not gotten very good reviews so far and i really
dont want it to ruin one of my favourite actors for me.
[#184712] Written by: NorGuy [08/06/12, 12:31]
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was thinking "why is michele monaghan doing tv" before i found out it wasn't her, oh well...and
those low cut scrubs the female doctors and nurses wear are common in us? not complaining, though
[#184724] Written by: skollard [09/06/12, 00:02]
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fabulous idea! ha. thanks for sharing.
[#184729] Written by: GeronimoX [09/06/12, 04:34]
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i tought it was weird to release se01ep01, than i realised this wasn't raising hope!!!
[#184748] Written by: BoonesFerry [09/06/12, 14:49]
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maybe the next hope series can be crushing hope, or destroying hope.
less confusing that way. lol.
[#184766] Written by: johnnyhorizon [09/06/12, 23:34]
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or maybe even " hope this goes away "
[#184791] Written by: malcs [10/06/12, 19:53]
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well i actually watched this .... interesting concept for a show ... but really ... alla bit weird and the
lighting/lense flare every so often ... damn glad weird light dont make me fit!

the chick off smallville is still looking hot ... but all in all .. give it another watch .... if not sorry another
serious down the pan!

btw anyone know when haven is back on ?
[#184795] Written by: BoonesFerry [10/06/12, 23:07]
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Quote by malcs
btw anyone know when haven is back on ?

haven - show information page:
updated: june 10, 2012

3x01 -- sep 21, 2012 -- title tba


additional tv show resources:

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