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[#485533] Written by: Saggi [12/12/16, 15:08]
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Hey greetings. Tried to send a mail, but will add info here aswell, incase someone else can help.

Everything works fine and im happy with the side, however my show page doesnt work.

Main - This doesnt work
Add show - This works
List my shows - This works
Show Watched - This works

Site Settings - This works

So i cant track my shows, or add the episode to the "watched list"
Anyone else having trouble with this, or have a solution for this problem? Thanks
[#485610] Written by: Piude [07/01/17, 05:03]
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I have a few improvement ideas. I'd like to be able to sort the tv shows on the main page by status. There's so many
ended shows on the list that you have to scroll through to get to the last letters. The same sorting by status would be
useful for the list my shows page also.

In the show watched page it would be nice to be able to hide all the episodes of the shows, because again scrolling
to the last letters takes quite a while.

[#485614] Written by: idwyer [08/01/17, 20:07]
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can any body advise me where I can get mp4 or avi format files on eztv most ive seen are all mkv

[#485670] Written by: waxore [03/02/17, 00:55]
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Ive been having the same problems. THANK GOD they added the option to block ads. they made
my visit to the site miserable. the ads have so much code and anti popup blocker crap in them it
made everything stop working for me.
[#485671] Written by: pohaku [03/02/17, 04:23]
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Please bring back the option to mark all shows as watched in "MyShows".

Also, marking all episodes of a show as watched works only half the time. What's up with that?

Finally, half the time I click on anythink on this site, a pop up opens.
[#485672] Written by: patsfangr [03/02/17, 23:33]
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I am also very frustrated by the continuing problem of popups appearing and interrupting my downloading nearly
every time I click on ANYTHING on the EZTV page. Why is that happening? Is there anything that I can do to stop it?
[#485688] Written by: fredo [09/02/17, 23:53]
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To put it politely, this site SUCKS with the persistent requirement for the idiotic neverending POP-
I have found over the last month or so that I am completely unable to even log in without allowing
the stupid thing to do its bit. Once I am logged in it appears to be OK but to get to that stage is a
nightmare. I might add that I have my pop-up blocker turned on all the time as I DO NOT WANT
Prior to this site being hijacked a few years ago it was good, then post hijacking it went downhill
fast then recovered slowly to once again being reasonably good. However now that it has
been "infected" by this stupid idiotic pop-up it has very simply turned to shit again and become
very user unfriendly.
[#485796] Written by: cyber001 [08/03/17, 00:33]
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You know if you click your username and go to the Site Settings menu there is a checkbox called
disable ads right there >.
[#485799] Written by: ricardo1885 [10/03/17, 02:51]
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you are right but it doesn't make any difference and that setting is on as default too so no need to touch it, but lately i get
pop up blocked every time i click on anything on this site and also get a box appear saying pdf viewer focusing i have to
click ok on that box or the little x to close it before i can continue what i'm doing!
[#485823] Written by: deet52 [20/03/17, 23:39]
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Patients is a virtue .. they are doing there best... if they built it, they will come back
I have always found what I wanted, even when eztv was hacked, they advised were to go for best
results ,,, so give them a break
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